Onka Exhibit at La Valise Hotel. Art With Me Tulum, Mexico 04.24.19-04.28.19

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Art Exhibit in Support of Jaguar Conservation

Art With Me Festival

La Valise Hotel - Tulum Mexico

Wednesday, April 24 - Sunday, April 28 2019

Thursday April 25 6pm - 10pm

Sunset drinks, a short video viewing and artist talk about jaguar conservation


25% of sales will be donated to ‘The Onka Initiative’

in support of jaguar conservation


‘Onka’ is a curated exhibition of artwork depicting wildlife, & particularly the beauty between wildlife, nature & its meaning to the local people. The artwork not only provides a visual experience, but inspiration for viewers to look deeper & yearn to be admits Mexico’s precious fauna.

With survival being a consistent theme throughout the collection, each work of art has its own story of strength & struggle. The exhibition is surreal & imaginative with layers of emotion, more of a reinvention of a natural environment. Characters from the iconic jaguar to the black howler monkey are depicted in Kirsten’s artistic form.


The Onka Initiative seeks to promote wildlife conservation as an educational pillar, & to formalize a database for local research to inform local & regional initiatives, successfully protecting jaguars across the country. This initiative aims to provide ongoing education & tools for the development of wildlife conservation among aspiring conservationists in the Yucatan Peninsula.


La Valise is characterized as a place of tranquility and peace, with vibrant detail, where time seems to stand still, it is focused on attention to hedonistic travelers looking for comfort and a memorable journey. It is a home away from home, a place to relax, explore and create.


Art With Me is a community-driven arts and culture festival centered around the celebration of art in all its forms, with an intention to enrich the local community, preserve the natural environment, and strengthen the artistic development of Tulum thorough conscious and sustainable practices.

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