The Elephant Parade


This is an individual I've created to unite with the (aprox.) 50,000 Asian Elephants left on this earth. With her, I hope the population count is now 50,001. She, who wears her insides on the outside so we can understand just how beautiful, strong and kind evolution has been to her.

This is a very basic take on the conservation work that is really taking place, but beautiful in its simplicity. Of course I do not expect that the one elephant I paint has directly increased to the elephant population, but the attention this elephant grabs and the proceeds from the purchase are in support of the Asian Elephant Foundation. It really can be that simple, and you can help too.

The Elephant Parade is a worldwide celebration for the monumental life of the Asian Elephant. It creates public awareness, and support for the conservation of elephants through art. The Asian Elephant is severely threatened with extinction. With a loss of 95% of its habitat and 90% of their population, they are struggling. We cannot leave them to fight their own battle, the one we started. Join the herd, and paint an elephant to life for them. Purchase an Artbox off the Elephant Parade Website:

Kirsten BrophyComment