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"17th century, an old face, a thousand rivers"

Kirsten Brophy is a Canadian artist and nature guide specializing in Southern & East African wildlife. After completing her education in art, she began travelling extensively throughout Africa where she was exposed to its incredibly diverse ecosystems. Kirsten’s knowledge lead her to pursue a career as a FGASA (Field Guide Association of Southern Africa)  qualified Nature Guide. While assisting pioneering Nature Field Guide’s throughout Southern Africa, she developed a desire to understand the art and science of tracking, which nurtured a love for walking safaris. In 2015, Kirsten's curiosity lead her to relocate to Kenya - where she met her passion for African wildlife, while on safari at the age of 8.

Kirsten is currently operating as an independent Professional Nature Guide. She specializes in wilderness experiences throughout Southern & East Africa, as well as offering her services to a select group of exclusive travel management operators.

In her creative field, she works as both an independent artist and a freelance designer having showcased her artwork in galleries in Toronto, Los Angeles, Cannes, and at Art Basel (‘15, ‘16). She is also one of the founding members of The Nile Culture, a creative agency highlighting global issues through art. 2017 saw the successful launch of an event showcasing collaborations with international artists such as Roger Ballen, Oejerum, Jesse Draxler and Mahlimae, in support of rhino conservation.

Although formally trained in design, her creative foundation has intrinsically evolved in parallel to her concerns with the natural world, its inherent ideology, structural aesthetics, and the effect it has upon all of its inhabitants. Her creations are an exercise in storytelling, inspired by contemporary struggle and historical influences; the broken walls of ancient architecture weathered to dust, and the blood, skin, steel, and bones that are swallowed back into the soil. She explores these themes in sculpture, photography, painting, installations and print, in order to develop related ideas.






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